Saturday, June 14, 2008

Storing Images

Today Im going to chat about storing our images, i will be talking about RAW jpeg and tiff files as well as backing up onto CD/DVD and Portable HD (hard drives).

So whats the difference between RAW, jpeg and tiff.

RAW (these really are raw files) theses files contain all the information from exposure settings to white balance settings, the best part of RAW is that it makes it possible to go back and change your exposure or your white balancer now you can perform some of these basic functions with a jpeg image using things like level adjustments in programs such as Adobes Photoshop but RAW just gives you that little more flexibility.

JPEG everyones camera has the ability to take images in this format this is great for saving images for the web but has its set backs which are :

Every time you re saze a jpeg you loose quality from the image.
Its not so good for resampling for size.

Tiff files these are great for archiving your images in a secure lossless format and I recomend you use this format for storing all your images if you are not able to use the RAW format, otherwise stick to RAW its the best option for sure.

CD/DVD these are great for sending work out to publishers, printing houses even as portfolios but for storing your images not a good idea, CD´s and DVD´s scratch easily and can rendered useless very very quickly, i recomend using a portable hard drive to store your images on and to create two folders one called edited and one called masters.

thats it for now, sorry about no post last week we were extremely busy see you again soon.

Darren Robertson

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