Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 001

Well this is a new start, for all of us, whilst this is my very first post on this subject, and maybe for some of you your very first visit to us. Our overall aim is to not teach you but encourage you to learn more about photogaphy, tips and tricks.

I am b y no means a teacher, I am prepared however to share my way of thinking and working and hopefully give you an insight to how to gain money from images, improve your composition and find out useful tips and tricks from photography and Photoshop. ( I am using Adobe´s CS3 packages if you find that you can´t do something leave a post and I will see what I can do).

A Note on cameras: I recomend that you use a DSLR or SLR camera, its advantages being the wide range of accessories available for them from flashes/strobes to lenses.

Ok lets Start of with some actual photography.

When I first got started in photography I was amazed at the beautiful landscapes I could take, I learnt very quickly about the rule of thirds, this is really important in learning how to take successful landscapes rather than holiday snaps. You really need a tripod but if you dont have one seee if you can find somewhere to balance your camera, or carry a small bean bag with you (when using a tripod or surface to rest your camera on to take an image you must use the self timer to avoid camera shake).

The rule of thirds:

The rule of thirds says that you split you image up by placing an imaginary tic tac toe (naughts and crosses board) over the top of your image, where these lines meet are the key points for placing your main focal point/subject you can also places irems within these squares as well, this is key to making your image interesting, what I would like everyone to do is go out and take a landscape image using the rule of thirds and use my website to send them to me with your name and what you hope to get out of these blogs, this way I can see where everyone is at, and you can let me know the sort of things you want to know, so use the contact page back on the website and in the subject right blog 001.

Below is an image I composed the other day for a charity I have place the rule of thirds lines over the top of the image so you can see how it works. (with this one I placed the main subject in the centre third square)

Here is another:

So post your images to me (only one per perrson) and let me know what you want to know.

Happy Snapping


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